Working Class Queeroes

The Working Class Queeroes exist to resist the commercialisation of queer identity by corporations, political parties, and others with vested interests. We want to build a movement which doesn’t dilute its message and action for the sake of appearing safe and normal to the mainstream. That movement must include the most marginalised of us, rather than focusing on cis people, white settled citizens, and wealthier gays and lesbians.

Our bodies, our lives, our sexuality, our struggle – are NOT commodities.

Queer politics is linked with our collective struggles against capitalism and all oppression.

That is queer politics is linked with the struggle:

  • in Trade Unions
  • for Reproductive Control
  • for Real Democracy and Community
  • against Empire and War
  • of Asylum Seekers and All Migrants
  • for Women’s Liberation
  • against Fascism
  • of Sex Workers
  • of Travellers
  • against All Racism
  • against Climate Change
  • of the Disabled / Differently Abled

We know there are lots of other queers who believe in the same ideals. If you want to join us in building a movement reflecting the above, please get in touch